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Getting Started with Pluto's

Before any bookings can take place, there is an induction process for your pet to be sure we can provide the best possible care


Initial Pet Consultation

The first step on our induction process is to meet us! You can book online or drop us a message. We can either meet at your home or on a walk and go through all of your pets care requirements.

If you are then completely happy with the service we can provide, there is a contract to complete and then a settling in session can be booked.

Fergie & Jessie

Settling in Session

The type of settling in session will depend on the care required. This can be a dog walk or us spending some time with your pet in your home.

Once your pet is comfortable with us without the caregiver present, an account will be set up and your bookings made.


Welcome to the Pluto's Family

When all induction sessions are complete, your pet will be registered under Pluto's Pet Care.

You may call upon us whenever you need care, but please be sure to give plenty of notice as we are often fully booked weeks in advance.

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