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Pluto's Pet Care presents
The Zero Dog Waste Campaign
In collaboration with Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust

The Pluto's Pet Care Team volunteering their time and money to help keep our town clear of toxic dog waste

Please text Stevie directly on 07481 929424 if any of our bins are full or dog waste holders empty


Have you seen our bins, dog bag holders and infographics (informational posters)? Have you noticed the increase in dog waste across our beautiful town in the past few years? In a time when a lot of things are out of our control, cleaning up after our dogs should not be an issue. Unfortunately, it is due to misunderstanding, lack of education, and dare we say it, laziness. For example, some people believe that dog waste is in the same category as horse manure, acting as a fertiliser: this could not be further from the truth. Dog waste is toxic, contaminating our water systems, killing plant and wildlife, and costing millions each year to clean up after. Pluto’s goal is to pass on knowledge, and we hope the locals and visitors to Brixham will learn something from our infographics, and aid in our goal of a town with zero dog waste!

Pluto's Pet Care would like to thank Stan Drew who began this project parallel to our own, with us taking over his sites at Gillard Road Nature Reserve. Please remember, we are volunteers putting our own time and money in to provide this information, waste bags, and collecting the bins daily (which is not a pleasant job!). Any help from the public, whether it be spreading our information far and wide, or adding your own waste bags to our tubs is greatly appreciated 🐾

We currently have a dog waste bin at Southdown lane to Mansands, along these are inforgraphics and dog waste holders. There is also free dog bags and information around Sharkham and John Fowlers Holiday Park, Churston Woods, Battery Gardens and Gillard Road.


As always, together we can provide a better world for our animals, one person at a time.

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